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About the Position
Position # 500
OrganizationInn from the Cold
Location Bridge Street United Church, Bridge Street East, Belleville, ON, Canada
Impact Statement na
Description Arrival and Setup
Complete screening and sign in procedure
Wash hands; put on a face mask and hair net/hat
Review lunch menu (see Menu & Notes sheet or check with cook-of-the-day).
Turn on dishwasher/sanitizer and pull door down (closed) to fill
At 11:00: Preheat number of serving table wells required.
Close all drains on the serving table. Make sure all dials are set to zero.
Fill the first well (for soup) with 4 quarts of water (to water level marks inside each well). Repeat for other wells that will be used to keep food hot.
Flip on red power switch. Cover each well in use with a metal cover and set heat control to maximum to pre-heat the well.
At 11:30, lower the heat setting to 3-4, or to maintain adequate safe food serving temperature (minimum 60°C/140°F)
Cooler packs may be used in serving table wells to keep cold foods cool. Keep one well between hot and cold foods to avoid unwanted heat transfer
Confirm that all necessary items are available at the service area in sufficient quantities: Paper bags, napkins, paper cups & lids, spoons, bleach cleaning solution, clean cloths (2), hot mitts, hand sanitizer, serving utensils (small ladle)
Sanitize all surfaces in the serving area with diluted bleach solution
Please only wipe out serving table wells with a warm cloth; it is not necessary to sanitize the wells.)
Write menu on the white board
Mon-Wed-Fri only: Meet Enrichment Centre staff at the Bridge St. entrance to assist with unloading soup and sandwiches. Store extra sandwiches in fridge
Record # of sandwiches leftover, # prepared/delivered today, and # available for serving in tracking form (blue duotang)
At 11:20, transfer menu items (soup or stew, sandwich/bread, fruit, snacks, juice, and milk) to the serving table and notify the greeters that you are ready to begin lunch service.
Clean-up and departure
Label and store all leftover food in the stainless steel fridge (or walk-in fridge if more space is needed)
Record number of sandwiches left, number of lunches served without sandwiches (if any), and total number of lunches served in tracking form (blue duotang)
Clean lunch service area and sanitize with bleach solution.
To clean hot food Serving Table:
Remove all pans and lids
Turn all heat controls to zero (0); flip off red power switch
After it has cooled: for all wells containing water, place a bucket under each drain, open drain to drain water from wells, and dump out hot water. Leave drains open.
Wipe each well with a clean, damp cloth. Wipe up any spills on the surface.
Wash and sanitize dirty dishes
Replace stock of lunch service consumables (paper bags, cups & lids, etc.) as required to ensure sufficient quantity for lunch service the next day
Turn off and drain dishwasher/sanitizer
Turn off pot lights in kitchen (switch at south door); the panel lights will turn off automatically
Turn off all faucets, including the spray hose at the dishwashing sink
Sign out as you leave
Training Details On the job.
Duration 7 - 12 months
Timing Weekday - Daytime, Weekend - Daytime
Time Detail From 11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Age 12+
Ideal for An Individual
Transportation On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest Food/Hospitality
Skill(s) Flexibility
How to Apply
Application Link:
Website https://www.bridgestreetchurch.com/?page_id=784
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